“CONTROL YOUR MOTOR SPEED”


Our frequency inverters are used to control three phase asynchronous motors speed.

And they are appropriate for kinds of motors, like fans, conveyors, engraving machines.

The frequency inverters (VFD) are not for single phase 220V motor with capacitor. It is for three phase 380v motors

(or 220v motors by 220v VFD), which are asynchronous.

The frequency inverters (VFD) can not be used as power supply for common electrical equipments.

                                                                         Product Introduction

0.75KW/1.5KW/2.2KW/3.7KW/5.5KW 1/2/3/5/7.5HP 380V VFD Economical Variable Frequency Drive Converter Motor Speed Vector Control Small Inverter
Function advantages:

1. Forward, reverse, start and stop controlled by panel or external terminals.
2. Adjust speed by panel potentiometer or external potentiometer.
3. Built-in brake unit (for connecting brake resistance).
4. PID function(Constant pressure water supply).
5. Multi-stage run.
6. RS485 communication protocol by PLC.
7. Vector control, low frequency high torque.
8. Optional external control panel(not included in the package).
9. Overload protection.


For 0.75kw-2.2kw:

For  3.7KW/5.5KW:















Rated power: 0.75kw/1.5kw/2.2kw
Rated output current: 2.1A(for 0.75kw)/3.8A(for 1.5kw)/5.1A(for 2.2kw)
Input voltage: 3 phase 380v
Output voltage: 3 phase 380v
Installation dimension: 130x73mm
External dimension: 145x110x85mm
Mounting hole dimension: 61x81mm
Net Weight: 1kg
Rated power: 3.7kw/5.5kw
Rated output current: 9A(for 3.7kw)/13A(for 5.5kw)
Input voltage: 3 phase 380v
Output voltage: 3 phase 380v
Installation dimension: 170x85mm
External dimension: 180x120x95mm
Mounting hole dimension: 61x81mm
Net Weight: 1.4kg
Optional external control panel(not included in the package):


Note:before wiring, please read【the safety precautions】carefully. Pay attention to life safety and prevent the equipment from danger.























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Weight 1400 g
Dimensions 19 × 15 × 13 cm

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Input Voltage

Output Voltage


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